Diabetes Patient Story

Image of a womenLife didn’t change too drastically after my diagnosis. I mean I am more cautious about my diet, no more sugar in my coffee, stuff like that. I have a Polish and German background, and I also have gout so I can’t indulge in foods like liver and sausage as much. I work in the film industry and sometimes we get gourmet catering and I get tempted to try everything, or they can’t always accommodate me in their menus. Besides that, not much has changed, I still canoe, ski, cycle and play darts. My biggest concern would have to be amputations with uncontrolled diabetes.

I actually think clinical trials are really cool. I’ve always been interested in clinical research, drug companies, drug patents and things like that. I am really interested in medical science, and the compensation is also a plus. I saw an ad in the paper so I gave the clinic a call.

I’ve participated in some phase I trials in the past that included some overnight stays. It was a good experience, aside from helping advance medical science I got to meet some interesting people.

I’ve learned a lot about diabetes. I have to say I am more attentive to my health. Before I started I was only checking my blood sugars 2-3 times a month. After joining the study, not only did I get my own monitoring device, but I also check my sugars much more often. I also keep a journal of the foods and snacks I eat and any exercise. I am more conscious now.